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My Summer Date - Style Me Up


Summer time means tons of people exploring the forests and going on safari to enjoy the great outdoors! They’re leaving behind the power and simple life of the city to have fun in nature and gaze up at the starry sky. As a Park Ranger, it’s your job to make sure everything goes smooth, all your guests are happy, and your forest is taken care of! Get ready, Ranger, and lets patrol!First, you have to look the part! Head over the spa to clean up and get a makeover for work. Pick out picture perfect makeup and then put on your uniform! Once you’re ready, grab your partner and your equipment and patrol the woods!
Product Features:- Park Ranger themed makeover game for girls.- Easy to use controls to play the game.- Become a Park Ranger and learn about the job!- 4 characters to play: Eileen, Monica, Karen, and Julie- 3 partners to work with: Kenneth, Steven, Lewis, and Fernando- Cute makeups and hairstyles to choose from.- Pretty ranger uniform to wear to work.- Take a picture of your makeover.- Patrol the park, assist safaris, and enjoy working under the stars!
How to Play:- Use interactive controls to play.- Get a makeover by fixing your hair and choosing perfect makeup.- Put on your uniform and get ready for work!- Grab your power tools and more, then patrol the park!